5 Things To Look For In An Outdoor Fireplace

If you have a backyard, you likely enjoy entertaining in this space. What can help add to entertaining in this space? An outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace will add some warmth, which is nice during colder nights and the winter months. You can easily extend the number of months and time of day that you […]

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Traditional Fiberglass Vs. Spray Foam Insulation

For many years, fiberglass has long been the choice material to use as insulation for both homes and businesses. New developments in insulation technology have brought about the spray foam option, which has often been considered to be more effective than fiberglass. Here are some differences between the two materials, so you can make an […]

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Teaching Your Children About Fire Safety

If you are a homeowner with children, you most likely try to do things safely around your home in order to keep them from being injured in any way. One safety practice that should be done regularly is keeping on top of fire safety procedures. Having an advance plan in case of a fire situation […]

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